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Las Vegas Guardianship Litigation Attorney

No matter if you wish to assume guardianship over another individual or you need to address the actions of a guardian, the attorneys of Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law can help you understand your options while constructing a plan to help you reach a solution.

Experienced Guardianship Litigation Lawyers

In any legal matter, experience is an invaluable asset. In matters of securing guardianship over another person, a tested and proven attorney can help to demonstrate that the person in need of assistance, the ward, would be best represented and cared for by you, our client.

When a guardianship matter is contested, a number of factors may come into play as other interested parties become involved, including:

  • A third party may refute the ward’s need for guardianship
  • A third party may request that he or she be appointed guardian
  • Your fitness to be the guardian may be called into question

During litigation, Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law can represent your interests and those of the individual you wish to protect.

Removal Of An Unfit Guardian Through Litigation

Guardianship matters tend to be charged with emotion. If you believe the person charged with caring for your loved one is unfit or not performing his or her duties properly, you may wish to take action to have a state-appointed guardian or another family member removed from the responsibility.

Some reasons for pursuing litigation to have a guardian removed may include:

  • The behavior or conduct of the guardian compromises the interests of the ward — such instances may include elder financial abuse or other breaches of fiduciary duty
  • You believe that someone else would be better suited to act as the guardian
  • You believe that the ward does not require guardianship

To discuss the process of removing a guardian with an experienced attorney, contact Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law, in Henderson, Nevada, and schedule a free initial consultation by filling out an online contact form or dialing 702-608-0835, or toll free at 800-745-8826.