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Probate disputes are often about more than just money; they can also reveal difficult emotional issues that have the potential to divide families and disrupt a trustee’s or personal representative’s administration of the estate.

The attorneys of Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law resolves probate issues by providing individual fiduciaries, families or beneficiaries with intelligent, creative solutions that mitigate excessive costs and better preserve family relationships.

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When probate proceedings begin to breakdown, experienced legal counsel can prove invaluable should litigation be necessary. Below are some factors that may contribute to conflict when probating an estate and the eventual need for aggressive litigation:

  • Executor/Trustee abuse of Power: If the secondary party who has been authorized to act for the estate abuses his or her powers, breaches his or her fiduciary duties or makes other inappropriate decisions that affect the estate, the family or other affected parties may attempt to hold the individual with power of attorney responsible.
  • Cut out of a will: In some cases, one party may be omitted or left out of an estate. The party may wish to challenge the validity of the will based on various factors such as undue influence.
  • Unequal shares: Parties may claim that the estate has been distributed unequally.
  • Undue Influence: Parties may claim that another party manipulated the testator into signing a will.
  • Lack of capacity: Parties may contest a will if they believe that the testator lacked the mental capacity to understand the instructions left by the final will or estate plan.

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