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Henderson Appellate Lawyer: Get A Second Chance

If your case did not result in a favorable outcome, you still have options to see that your matter is favorably resolved. If there are grounds for an appeal, Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law will carry out an appellate review of your case. With an experienced lawyer handling your appellate matters, you can feel confident in pursuing a reversal or affirmance depending on the circumstances of your case.

Understanding The Grounds For An Appeal

Most people are familiar with some of the glaring errors that can be used to challenge an order or judgment — a legal error or an instance where evidence and testimony were compromised by illegal actions. However, there are other factors that may warrant the reversal of a verdict, including:

  • Procedural errors of the law
  • The evidence does not support the ruling
  • The law has been misinterpreted
  • Inaccurate application of the pertinent legal standards

Any appeal begins with thoroughly vetting the existing evidence, review of the legal authority relied upon by the court or jury and scrutinizing the decisions to ensure the law was correctly applied. With over 25 years of experience, attorney Sterling Kerr understands the processes and procedures for discovering errors that support the basis for an appeal.

Guidance Throughout Your Case

Whether you require an appeal or wish to defend a verdict, the practical guidance and experience of an attorney can help you move through the entire process efficiently and effectively.

Some matters that you may wish to appeal include:

Work With A Knowledgeable Attorney During An Appeal

At Kerr Simpson Attorneys at Law, in Henderson, Nevada, clients can pursue appeals knowing their case is handled by experienced counsel. If your case resulted in an unfavorable ruling, you still have options for pursuing your goals. Schedule a free initial consultation by completing an online contact form or by calling 702-608-0835, or toll free at 800-745-8826.